Campus Safety Task Force

A special task force was established at the request of Chancellor Gene Block following the tragic shooting on June 1, 2016. The task force will engage faculty, staff and students in analyzing UCLA’s response to the events in order to provide Chancellor Block, Executive Vice Chancellor Waugh and Administrative Vice Chancellor Beck with recommendations for what more UCLA should do to protect our community and cope with the aftereffects of violence or other emergency situations.

The following issues will be examined:

  1. Student, staff and faculty preparation for violence on campus - How can we best prepare our community for identifying risks, preventing and reacting to acts of violence on campus in the future?
  2. Communications - How can we best ensure the timeliness and usefulness of communications during and after emergency situations? How can we better provide an authoritative source of information so that inconsistent reports and misinformation does not foment unnecessary anxiety and confusion? What is needed to address the concerns of parents, alumni, neighbors, media and others?
  3. Building security - What steps do we need to take to improve the safety and security of campus buildings, consistent with our values and commitment to maintaining an open campus?
  4. Victim support - What should UCLA do to best support victims and/or their families, friends and colleagues?
  5. Community support - What should UCLA do to best support community members involved in a lockdown or other emergency situation?