Monthly Management Tips

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COVID-19 has brought many changes and confirmed that remote work will be a more regular part of employee life at UCLA. Although remote work brings with it many benefits, it has also exacerbated existing issues and created some new challenges for our managers, including those overseeing hybrid teams. Additional support is needed for our managers and supervisors navigating this new reality and ensuring management has the tools and resources to succeed is important. Administration Leadership 2029’s “Work from Home Management Solutions” team has created Monthly Management Tips emails to provide this support. We hope these emails will help managers feel prepared with the tools and guidance to engage in conversations with team members, address performance issues in a meaningful manner, and improve team dynamics, efficiency and morale with the trust and rapport they have built with team members.

Monthly Management Tips emails are distributed to managers and supervisors at all levels within Administration. Each month, the team, in conjunction with Campus Human Resources, will distribute a brief article discussing a different topic important to management’s success. Each article is designed with busy managers in mind, taking only a few minutes to read, with various resources and a scenario to help you gain a better understanding of the topic. Solutions to the scenario can be found in the next month’s email. Active discussion of these scenarios during management meetings is highly encouraged and we hope these discussions will encourage dialogue across management levels where success stories are shared.

Monthly Topics:

January 2021 — Creating a Culture of Support & Accountability

February 2021 — Setting Expectations

March 2021 — Conducting Performance Evaluations

April 2021 — Maintaining Communication

May 2021 — Technology for Maintaining Communication

June 2021 — Having Difficult Conversations

July 2021 — Culture-Maintaining Positive Teams

August 2021 — Providing Resources Across the Employee Lifespan

September 2021 — Virtual Recruiting

October 2021 — Virtual Onboarding

November 2021 — Employee Recognition on a Budget

December 2021 — Goal Setting and Professional Development

January 2022 — Tips for Ways to Make the Workplace More Inclusive

February 2022 — Employee Retention Series Part 1: Developing Represented Staff