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Keeping green spaces in full bloom with less water

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UCLA’s landscape is nationally recognized for its beauty and its biodiversity. In recent years, a transition has been taking place to shift from ornamental turf areas to native and climate-resilient plants. These environmentally friendly modifications reduce campus water usage while developing new habitats for plant and animal species.

To ensure the unique beauty of the campus landscape transforms with new environmental realities, the UCLA Landscape Plan has been updated to define a vision for more drought-conscious plant life. This plan supports UCLA’s comprehensive Sustainability Plan in its water, landscape, biodiversity, and planetary and human health sections.

Facilities Management has been helping grow the vision outlined by UCLA Sustainability. In support of the landscape plan and goals outlined in the comprehensive sustainability plan, groundskeepers completed a California Native Plant Landscaper Certification through the Theodore Payne Foundation.

This unique professional program trained the team in the specialized maintenance of drought-resistant landscaping. Now equipped with additional tools and knowledge to best support a native plant environment, the groundskeeping team will further contribute to UCLA’s ongoing efforts to improve water conservation.