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EDI Educational Resources

Suggested Trainings

UCLA Administration managers and supervisors are required to complete the Supervisory Certificate Series as offered through Campus Human Resources (CHR) via in person offerings and/or Learning Management System (LMS) courses. The curriculum includes 8 Foundational Courses and 2 Special Topic Courses. Although each course has EDI applications, the following courses are relevant to training with direct content relating to bias and discrimination:

  • Managing a Diverse Workforce (Foundational course)
  • Managing the UC Workforce in a Unionized Environment (Foundational course)
  • Compliance with Current State, Federal and UC Disability Mandates (Special Topic course)
  • Compliance with the Family Medical Leave Act (Special Topic course)

In addition, UCLA Administration managers and supervisors are also encouraged to complete staff trainings offered by the Civil Rights Office (CRO) on the following:

  • Preventing Workplace Discrimination, Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment
  • Preventing Harassment and Discrimination

To access these trainings and complete the certificate, click directly on the links of each eCourse listed in this UC People Management Certificate Training Checklist (PDF attachment), which will take you to the Learning Management System (LMS) system sign in page, where these courses are located.

UCLA’s Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) also offers trainings and has their own Education & Training Hubthat features training opportunities for community members to make UCLA a more equitable, inclusive campus. Their page is divided into two parts: Preventing Discrimination and Harassment, which offers resources for ensuring UCLA follows anti-discrimination laws and University policies. The second half, Advancing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, provides resources for encouraging equity and inclusivity across campus. Administration staff and faculty are encouraged to check out these additional training resources.