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Equity Council Advisors Role

UCLA Administration Equity Council Staff Equity Advisors (EA) are advocates for promoting an inclusive work environment within UCLA Administration. Equity Advisors are to communicate and raise awareness of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) best practices and professional development in their respective organizations. The UCLA Administration Equity Council is an organization-wide council composed of UCLA staff.

The Equity Council is established by the Administrative Vice Chancellor for the purpose of advising on diversity matters in a variety of areas.  Each Administration Leadership Team (ALT) member will designate at least one representative, using a fair and equitable selection process. The Council will identify a Council Chair to serve a three-year term.  Chairs may serve consecutive terms, and the Council may determine to use a co-chair system at their discretion upon a single majority vote.  The nomination process occurs in the chair final term of service. 

Members shall serve a two-year term (with the potential for additional time for the transition of cohorts).  Terms will be staggered to ensure continuity of experience on the committee.   The duties and responsibilities of the Council are broad and can include aspects of the UCLA Administration organization with regards to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.  The Equity Council will serve as advisory to the Administrative Vice Chancellor.