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Incorporating EDI topics into Practical Trainings

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion(EDI) is something that must be in every aspect of our work environment because UCLA strives to be an equitable, diverse, and inclusive place. It can be challenging to think of all the principles that fall into EDI, but it is important to remember that taking action is the first step. Throughout an individual’s career, they will be subject to a multitude of trainings and go through a number of tools and resources. Just like learning to do Excel functions or learning the process and procedures for a certain ongoing task, EDI topics are learned skills.

Here are some ways to go from EDI as a concept to incorporating EDI in practical training and tools:

  1. Examine existing training and tools and ask yourself if they are currently inclusive to people of different backgrounds
  2. Give employees at all levels an opportunity to attend EDI trainings (not just managers & supervisors)
  3. Institute mentorship programs 
  4. Train employees on how to run meetings that are inclusive and create space where all ideas are heard 
  5. Challenge implicit biases as they arise and teach individuals how to intervene when they witness biases
  6. Hold space for EDI conversation during regular team meetings and 1:1s
  7. Examine customer and client based trainings/communications and ask yourself if they are sensitive to EDI 
  8. Encourage employees to make EDI discussions part of the business—bringing in social identities can provide vital perspective
  9. Train on cross-cultural communication