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Supporting Leadership Pipelines and Growth Opportunities

Supporting Leadership Pipelines

Organizations are more successful when they reflect the communities they serve. But what about the leadership within these organizations? How do we create a leadership pipeline that is diverse and equitable?

One way is to address implicit bias within an organization. Implicit bias is the attitudes or associations a person holds, outside of their conscious awareness. During implicit bias, the brain is automatically triggered to make quick judgements and assessments in situations, which often occurs in professional work settings. To better understand your own bias, take the Implicit Association Test at the Implicit Project website:

In order to increase awareness of implicit bias and reduce its impact at the University, the UC Managing Implicit Bias Series was created. It is a six-course online training that reinforces the UC diversity, equity, and inclusion values that enable the University to attract and retain a top talent workforce. It also further supports the UC commitment to developing effective leaders and managers of people. Visit the UCnet webpage, UC Managing Implicit Bias Series for more information about the program and how to participate.

Another way to develop a diverse and equitable leadership pipeline is to focus on leadership development. Simply put, great leaders inspire, attract, and hire other great people. Leadership development opportunities should be incorporated into every employee’s development plan.

The University of California and UCLA offer multiple programs and resources dedicated to growing complex management skills and to strengthen leadership capabilities. The UCnet website covers the topic of Leadership Development and lists development opportunities designed to enhance and strengthen leadership capabilities in this UC Core Competencies Model.

Campus Human Resources (CHR) is also dedicated to creating effective leaders that engage and develop diverse, equitable, and inclusive teams. Read about the various programs that CHR offers below.

The Management Development Certificate is designed to help management-level employees strengthen effectiveness in their current roles and prepare for future leadership opportunities. The curriculum supports UCLA’s workforce planning objectives, enhances retention of high-potential professionals, and positions managers for success. Additional information, including a course schedule and ebrochure, is available on the Management Development Certificate webpage.
The Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP) is a program offered throughout the UC system, designed to assess, on an individual basis, the management skills of UC supervisors and managers. The program enables participants to identify managerial strengths, gain information on skills they need to improve, learn about the range of skills necessary for effective management, practice these skills in a supportive environment, and work with a manager trained to identify professional development activities. To learn more about developing management skills through MSAP, visit the The Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP) page on the CHR website.
The Supervisory Certificate Series is a certificate program recommended for employees who are relatively new to supervision, as well as for current supervisors who want to update their skills and knowledge. The program series is designed to increase an understanding of supervisory role requirements, broaden awareness of behavioral strengths, and enhance the mastery of employment policies and practices necessary to succeed in a supervisory role. For more information, visit the Supervisory Certificate Series webpage.
The Management Seminar Series offers unique professional development for academic and administrative leaders, faculty, and professional staff in PSS 5 classifications and above. The seminars feature relevant tools and approaches to directly impact improving organizations, innovations in management education, and engage participants and their colleagues in intellectual stimulation and learning. For more information about the series, view the Management Seminar Series page.
The University of California, UCLA, and Campus Human Resources (CHR) aim to foster a culture of mentorship by offering a range of resources to UCLA staff. Mentorship is a reciprocal and collaborative relationship between a senior and junior employee for the purpose of the mentee’s growth, learning, and career development. To learn about the Formal and Informal opportunities that are available to support staff and executives in forming authentic mentorships, visit CHR’s Mentoring Resources for UCLA Staff webpage.

In addition to the programs mentioned above, CHR Learning & Organizational Development has various resources dedicated to “manager as coach” development. For a list of these resources, view the Coaching Resources page on their website.

Growth Opportunities

UCLA offers a wide variety of development programs to build job skills to empower employees in their current roles and to foster the career they strive to develop. Programs extend to all segments of the workforce and there are many opportunities, such as classes and workshops, career programs, management development, UC institutes, training certificate programs, and online training.

For more information, visit the CHR Learning & Organizational Development webpage to review some of the opportunities mentioned below. For specific recommendations regarding available programs and training to develop your team’s skills, contact the Learning & Organizational Development team directly.

The Professional Development Program (PDP), is one of UCLA’s most comprehensive programs dedicated to developing internal talent. Participants have the opportunity to expand their understanding of UCLA business operations and enhance a range of skills, including project management, research and analysis, collaboration, report preparation, public speaking, and emotional intelligence. For complete eligibility requirements and an explanation of the program, visit the Professional Development Program webpage.
The Staff Enrichment Program (SEP) is a one-year program designed to foster career development and provide skill-building opportunities for staff in administrative support positions. SEP aims to retain high-potential employees and prepare them for leadership roles at UCLA. Recruitment for the program begins in the spring of each year. For program eligibility, links to the digital application, and additional information about SEP, visit the Campus Human Resources Staff Enrichment Program webpage.
ProShare is a signature initiative sponsored by the Administrative Management Group (AMG) that is available to all UCLA staff. Each year, ProShare brings interested staff together in small groups for a 6-month networking and support program to share successful workplace practices and resources within a confidential and supportive setting. For more information about the program, visit AMG’s ProShare webpage.
The UCLA Staff Assembly offers a variety of awards and scholarships to honor the achievements and service of our hardworking staff, as well as promote career enhancement and professional growth. Applications for these awards open annually in the spring quarter and are presented at the Staff Assembly Awards Recognition Reception. For more information including eligibility requirements, award amounts, and instruction on how to apply, visit the UCLA Staff Assembly Awards & Scholarships webpage.
The UC Women’s Initiative for Professional Development (UC WI) is a unique, systemwide professional development program that brings together employees from every UC location, with participants representing faculty, academic personnel and staff, people managers, and non-people managers.

Sponsored by the Systemwide Advisory Committee on the Status of Women (SACSW) and the UC Office of the President (UCOP), this opportunity is for mid-career women-identified professionals who hold academic or staff positions and those who support their career advancement at the University. For additional information about the program, visit the UC Women's Initiative for Professional Development website.