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In June 2016, the Campus Safety Task Force convened at the request of Chancellor Gene Block to examine several issues related to campus emergency preparedness and response. Regarding the issue of notifications and communications during and after emergency situations, the Task Force focused on how to best ensure timely, useful, and accurate information to the campus community. Additionally, the Task Force explored how to provide an authoritative, official source of information so that inconsistent reports and misinformation transmitted via social media and some news agencies does not foment anxiety and confusion. Ultimately, the Task Force made several recommendations pertaining to communications, including the following regarding communications during an emergency:

  • Develop a UCLA online and mobile application outlining emergency response protocols.
  • Establish a dedicated section of the UCLA website containing information about how to respond to various emergencies and direct people to the site through BruinAlert during an emergency.

In response to this charge, the UCLA Office of Emergency Management developed Bruins Safe, an essential tool to enhance your safety at UCLA. Bruins Safe is your official source of information during a campus-wide emergency, providing notifications and instructions from campus emergency response personnel.

  • The Bruins Safe mobile app is available for download at the UCLA App Store. The app includes BruinAlert notifications and provides instant access to campus safety resources. Features include quick and easy connections to contact the UCLA Police Department, Friend Walk so a friend can track you as you walk to your destination, and many resources to help you both avoid and, when necessary, cope with crises. Download the app today to have valuable resources ready as a reference in the event of an emergency.
  • When an emergency occurs, the Bruins Safe website,, will be updated by the UCLA Emergency Operations Center (EOC) with explicit instructions pertaining to your safety. As the website is not bound by a 140-character limit, the information provided through Bruins Safe is a helpful complement to the BruinAlert notification system.

Other important resources for emergency preparedness information and instructions during an emergency include:

  • Bruin Alert: add a cell phone number to your profile under “Text Msg” to receive BruinAlert via SMS text message, the quickest way to receive emergency notifications.
  • Twitter: follow UCLA BruinAlert via Twitter.
  • Facebook: engage with the UCLA Office of Emergency Management and learn about training opportunities for the campus community.