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Task Force Members


Assistant Vice Chancellor Peter Angelis
Interim Vice Chancellor Amy Blum
Assistant Vice Chancellor Colin Dimock
Graduate Student Representative David DiTullio
Professor Christine Dunkel Schetter
Director William Dunne
Associate Professor in Residence David Eisenman
Executive Director Brad Erickson
Assistant Professor Jacob Foster
Dean and Vice Provost Robin Garrell
Interim Chief of Police Manny Garza
Undergraduate Student Representative Nathan Glovinsky
Interim Vice Chancellor Monroe Gorden
Assistant Professor PJ Lamberson
Staff Assembly President Mike Lee
Dean Jayathi Murthy
Dean Judy Olian
Special Assistant and Professor Janice Reiff
Assistant Vice Chancellor Kelly Schmader
Undergraduate Student Representative Danny Siegel
Graduate Student Representative Michael Skiles
Dean and Vice Provost Patricia Turner
Associate Director Ricardo Vazquez
Distinguished Professor Emeritus Stephen Yeazell (Chair)

Task Force Administration

Administrative Vice Chancellor Michael Beck
Assistant to Administrative Vice Chancellor Laurraine Pollard