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Classroom Advisory Committee

Court of Sciences room renovation
A recent report from the Committee on the Undergraduate Student Facilities Resource Plan recommended the establishment of a standing committee that “studies, reviews and recommends ongoing efforts with campus learning spaces.” Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Scott Waugh accepted this recommendation and formed the Classroom Advisory Committee, a standing committee which will advise the Campus Space Committee on issues related to UCLA’s instructional spaces, including classrooms and teaching laboratories, both general assignment and departmentally-controlled.

The Classroom Advisory Committee has a broad charge, covering both short-term and long-term issues, including the following:

  1. Plan and oversee development of a comprehensive assessment of UCLA’s learning spaces.
  2. Recommend a multi-year (e.g., ten-year) classroom renovation schedule.
  3. Identify the classroom characteristics that are most important for creating an effective and inclusive learning environment.
  4. Identify the kinds of learning spaces that are most needed.
  5. Provide recommendations for learning spaces that enable pedagogical innovation and experimentation.
  6. Identify areas of the campus where additional instructional space is most needed.
  7. Recommend strategies for increasing the efficient use of classrooms.