Emergency Operation Center holds orientation

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In keeping with maintaining the highest level of safety planning for all Bruins, members of UCLA’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) recently gathered at its new command location for an orientation and review of processes, tools and roles used during an activation.

Managed by the Office of Emergency Management (OEM), the EOC supports key UCLA functions during an event, emergency or disaster response and recovery, and is comprised of five functional areas that are activated as needed: management, operations, planning, logistics and finance. The recent orientation provided new members a foundation for future training and education when each member will receive tailored training resources for their area of expertise.

“We have new EOC members and a new OEM staff,” said OEM Director Lisa Martin. “This provided us an opportunity to re-orient the EOC towards in-person activations following the pandemic, which took our group’s activities online…This event also provided a baseline overview of the Incident Command System (ICS) we follow within the EOC.”

Each EOC section is managed by a section chief and supported by section staff (primary and alternates for all positions). Position assignments include senior leadership from a cross section of campus departments and are determined by Martin in coordination with campus leadership. Assignments vary by campus roles, responsibilities and subject matter expertise. While tactical on-scene operations, such as police and fire response, are coordinated from the Incident Command Post (ICP), the EOC supports ICP operations and other adjacent incident operations, such as resource ordering and information sharing.

EOC response activities are centered on the implementation of strategic decisions and priorities in collaboration with the Emergency Management Policy Group to sustain or restore campus operations and maintain the well-being of our campus.