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Facilities Management Upgrades Campus Safety Infrastructure

Article_Campus Safety Wall

As a result of recommendations from UCPD to increase campus safety, two pieces of infrastructure have been installed to create a safer environment on campus by minimizing the opportunity for someone with malicious intent to use a vehicle to access heavily populated walkways.

A concrete wall with reinforced steel and a brick façade was installed near the entrance ramp to Parking Structure 4. With a K12 crash rating, the highest given by the United States Department of State, the wall can withstand a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling at a speed of 50 miles per hour.

In addition, bollards were placed at the entrance to Bruin Walk between Drake Stadium and the Los Angeles Tennis Center. The bollards use biodegradable hydraulic fluid that is safer for the environment in case of a spill.

Article_Campus Bollards Bruin Walk

Facilities Management worked with multiple teams from within and outside the university for both projects. The wall was finished in time for the June commencement activities and the bollards were completed the first week of November. The locations for each project were recommended by UCPD to increase campus safety.