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Leadership Forum Opening Remarks from Administrative Vice Chancellor Michael Beck and Executive Vice Chancellor/Provost Emily Carter

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) was at the forefront of the Leadership Forum agenda on January 14, 2020. At the last Forum in 2018, participants were introduced to the concept of CPI and were encouraged to take on efforts to improve their processes toward a more effective and efficient manner. This year, they had the opportunity to showcase their CPI efforts. Several Administration departments led breakout sessions highlighting their process improvement objectives and the associated outcomes from committing to the effort.

The Forum also welcomed Executive Vice Chancellor Emily Carter, who was the keynote speaker at the event and shared with the leadership group her vision for UCLA. Administrative Vice Chancellor Michael Beck closed the session by highlighting how Administration can align with the overall campus vision. He also focused on the importance of process improvements in providing efficient and effective service to the campus.

The following Administration departments presented at the Leadership Forum:

Campus Human Resources – Human Resources & Payroll Centers
Presenters: Casandra Huff and Astgik Sarkisyan

HRPC Presentation


Events & Transportation
Presenters: Lauren Berghell, Alex Carraza, Renee Fortier,  Brian Hope, Chris Lechner, Riley Moore, Robert Salamanca

Events & Transportation Presentation


Central Ticket Office
Presenters: Gerardo Galeano and Andrew Lam

CTO Presentation


Facilities Management
Presenters: Doug Grode, Kelly Schmader, and Jack Tchilingirian

Facilities Management Presentation


Environment, Health & Safety
Presenters: Amanda Ogden, Bryan Ruiz, and Stephen Sasaki

EH&S Onboarding Presentation

EH&S Incident Response Presenation



UC Police Department
Presenters: Kevin Kilgore and Scott Scheffler

UCPD Presentation