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UCLA Administration Leadership Forum 2021

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The Leadership Forum is an effort to bring the whole organization together and talk about topics that are important to the management team. This past year has been challenging, and we thank everyone for their flexibility, dedication and service. After more than 500 days working through the pandemic, UCLA Administration is planning to reopen the campus, which will bring new opportunities and challenges in the workplace. With this in mind, this year’s theme is reimagining work towards the “Next Generation in UCLA Administration.”  The resources below include the recorded version of the meeting (excluding the peer group discussions) and other references provided during the event.  

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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The recording is divided into 4 parts. Part 1 includes the Opening Remarks from Administrative Vice Chancellor Michael Beck and Chancellor Gene Block. Part 2 is the Administration Leadership Team Panel (ALT), which addressed questions collected in the registration process. All of the questions submitted with written answers can be found below, including questions we were not able to ask at the event. Part 3 focuses on Emotional Intelligence for the Next Generation presented by our guest speaker, Dr. Jorge Cherbosque and a fun closing activity to test your knowledge of our ALT and campus. Finally, enjoy the Photo Collage, showcasing colleagues at work over the pandemic.

Peer Group Discussion

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Each small group had a moderator and scribe to collect ideas from the peer discussions. 
(3 boards coming soon)

Administrative Leadership Team (ALT) Q&A

Questions were collected from the organization from the registration process. 

See Questions 1-17

Reference Materials

UCLA Administration Leadership Forum 2021 Committee

Leadership Forum Volunteers Day
  • Abraham Varghese, IT Services
  • Amanda Ogden, Environment, Health & Safety
  • Andrew Lam, Central Ticket Office
  • Anna Rodrigues, Organizational Effectiveness & Development
  • David Wiedeman, Events & Transportation
  • Erik Ulstrup, Facilities Management
  • Gerrie Zvara, Organizational Effectiveness & Development
  • Jeffrey Olschwang, Events & Transportation
  • Joanne Chang, Organizational Effectiveness & Development