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HR IT Systems Optimization Program

Royce Hall

Management Topic: HR IT Systems Optimization Program

Dear Colleagues,

As we head towards Spring Quarter, we are excited to take some time to highlight the HR IT Systems Optimization (HRITSO) Program, which just successfully completed the launch of its third system, iCIMS, and a new UCLA Campus Job Opportunities website, last Tuesday, March 26, 2024.

The HRITSO Program is a campus initiative that aims to modernize vital HR systems, streamline processes, and improve the overall experiences of HR clients, employees, and the campus community. Since launching last year, Campus Human Resources has been partnering closely with IT Services on the delivery of three new HR systems, including:

The Bruin CHR Service Center replaced the former ticketing system used by the HR & Payroll Operations Center (HRPOC) and provided a new process for departments to submit salary and compensation requests to CHR Compensation Services. JDXpert and iCIMS Talent Cloud will both replace PeopleAdmin.

Collectively, these modern, robust systems will:

  • Optimize and automate processes related to requesting HR services.
  • Provide built-in tools, resources, and institutional data to enable more efficient and effective completion of HR transactions. 
  • Reduce the time needed to request HR services.
  • Provide improved visibility into approval workflows and status.
  • Allow department HR, hiring managers, and employees to focus less on manual tasks. 
  • Support efficiency in providing HR services to the campus community.

Read on to learn more about each system below:

Bruin CHR Service Center – Went Live on December 7, 2023

What is it?

The Bruin CHR Service Center is an HR case management and knowledge management solution that streamlines the intake of HR requests from campus departments to Campus Human Resources and the delivery of HR services to the campus community. The initial rollout was completed on December 7, 2023, which replaced the ticketing system used by HR and Payroll services and provided a new process for departments to submit salary and compensation action requests to CHR Compensation Services.    

Who are the main users?

As of right now, the main users of the Bruin CHR Service Center are the HR and Payroll Operations Center (HRPOC)’s client departments and client employees, including all of Administration. It is also the primary mechanism for campus departmental HR representatives to submit compensation and salary action requests to CHR Compensation.

What are the top features of the Bruin CHR Service Center?

One of the top features of the Bruin CHR Service Center is the platform’s unified portal that allows access to all tasks and requests, including a knowledge base for resources, offering an engaging and robust self-service experience. Users can also quickly open and submit various HR requests and track and view the status and history of their requests through one central location.

Quick fact about the Bruin CHR Service Center

Since its initial rollout on December 7, 2023, the Bruin CHR Service Center has received over 6,600 HR and Payroll cases from HRPOC clients and client employees, as well as departmental HR representatives from across the campus.

JDXpert – Went Live on March 12, 2024

What is it?

JDXpert is a robust position description repository and management system with a workflow engine for position classification and reclassification requests.

Who are the main users?

The main users of the system will include CHR Compensation and departmental HR representatives from across the campus.

What are the top features to look forward to?

The modern, intuitive, and easy-to-use user interface is one of its top features, along with dynamic fields, an extensive content library that cuts down on the time it takes to prepare position descriptions, and clear visibility into the status of position review requests.

Quick fact about the JDXpert implementation at UCLA:

Over 6,900 single and multi-incumbent position descriptions were successfully migrated from PeopleAdmin to JDXpert during the week of go-live.

iCIMS Talent Cloud (iCIMS) – Went Live on March 26, 2024

What is it?

iCIMS Talent Cloud (iCIMS) is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that streamlines processes for attracting, recruiting, and hiring employees at UCLA.

Who are the main users?

iCIMS has a large and diverse user base, and will be available to CHR Talent Acquisition, departmental HR representatives and others who participate in the recruitment process. Additionally, hiring managers and applicants (both internal and external to UCLA) will use the new system.

What are the top features to look forward to?

iCIMS includes a new enhanced and attractive UCLA Campus Job Opportunities website for internal and external applicants to apply to jobs at UCLA. It also includes intuitive user interface that delivers end-to-end recruitment functionality, digitizing many current manual processes, and boasts a variety of built-in reporting and dashboards to better track metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Quick facts about iCIMS Talent Cloud implementation at UCLA:

The iCIMS focus group consisted of 20 individuals that represented diverse recruitment processes from across the campus. Together these individuals provided input into the design and implementation of the system, which will go on to serve as the central system to attract, recruit, and hire employees to fill over 1,300 job requisitions annually at UCLA. (Many thanks to our focus group members for their input and service!)

As we wrap up what has been a tremendously busy Winter Quarter, we look forward to taking advantage of all the features and benefits of all three of these systems to streamline processes and improve the experiences of HR clients, employees, and the campus community.

Want to learn more?

Visit the HR IT Systems Optimization (HRITSO) Program webpages or email the program team at to receive the latest program updates.

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