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UCLA Development Programs

Royce Hall

Management Topic: UCLA Development Programs

Dear Colleagues,

Access to professional development for you and your staff has never been more accessible. Here at UCLA, there are many different opportunities available to help yourself or a member of your staff learn a new skill, grow within their role, work on preparedness for their next role, or simply gain some additional training and development in their area of expertise.

Campus Human Resources (CHR) has put together an at-a-glance list of their various courses, programs, and resource offerings on their website, along with links to other learning and talent development opportunities on campus.

Before you dive into exploring all that is available, we’ve provided a few helpful reminders below that might come in handy.

As outlined in the February article, please keep in mind the following as you support your staff members in their development:

  • Managers and supervisors have a key role with staff in providing one-on-one support, guidance, and development whenever needed.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of checking in with your team members, even if five minutes is all you have.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions: there are many resources already created and individuals ready to assist you. Reach out when in doubt. (Resources and applicable contacts will be discussed in more depth later.)
  • It’s important to create and support an environment where lifelong learning is encouraged. This is important for the employee, department, and UCLA!
  • Remember, it’s not all up to you. You are a team member’s first point of contact if they have questions regarding development. However, encourage staff to find a mentor at UCLA who can further assist them and to seek out opportunities.  

Working with Staff on Development Initiatives

  • Determine what skills need developing:
    • Meet with the employee and learn more about their interests or desire to expand their knowledge and skills in specific topics. Allow them to lead this process.
  • Once areas of development have been identified, begin setting goals. Goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound).
  • Remember that all staff should be developed and provided the time and resources that they need.
  • If participation in programs or courses must be limited to ensure the operation can still function while a team member is away, find other opportunities for growth and be honest with staff regarding why not all requests can be approved at this time.
  • The department should be fair and equitable when providing growth opportunities, and establish processes to review and approve requests when there is a limit of how many can be accommodated. This can be based on when the request was submitted, seniority, or other appropriate factors.

Follow Up

  • After a professional development plan has been created:
    • Set up short- and long-term goals.
    • Assign milestones in order to track progress.
    • Ensure your employee has dedicated time to work on establishing these new skills.
    • Hold regular check-ins and solicit feedback.
  • Give staff an opportunity to shine! Encourage their ideas and suggestions and celebrate them. Don’t just develop their skills…develop their confidence!


Scenario for Discussion

An employee tells you that they feel stuck in their current role, and they don’t know how to begin exploring other roles or developmental programs to help them get ready for something else.

How should you respond?

     A)  Gather specifics regarding what skills or knowledge they would like to develop further.

     B)  Inform them CHR offers a lot of different personal and professional development opportunities annually and provide them the CHR website.

     C)  Begin to formulate a development plan with regular check-ins.

Whom to Contact if You Have Questions

For guidance regarding available programs and training to develop your team member’s skills, as well as assistance with designing stretch assignments, contact CHR’s Learning & Organizational Development team or email

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