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Providing Resources Across the Employee Lifespan

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Management Topic: Providing Resources Across the Employee Lifespan

Dear Colleagues, 

With the re-opening of our campus coming fast, the Monthly Management Tips team thought it timely to provide a list of online resources to help managers normalize the return process for employees. We have scoured the UC webiverse and found some great, free resources available to all UCLA employees. In this list you will likely find new departments and resources you did not know existed and might find helpful. These resources can be utilized by employees at all levels at UCLA.

As a manager but also a team member, are there any resources you have found very helpful that are not mentioned below? If so, let us know at

Starting at UCLA

  • What to Do If You’re a New Employee
  • MyUCRetirement Regardless of whether you are new to UCLA or preparing to retire, this website has all the information to help you prepare and get you on the right track.
    • My UC Retirement & Fidelity partner to provide regular free financial education classes and webinars on budgeting, financial planning, savings, and retirement. Other tips and tools are available for mastering financial basics, balancing your financial life, protecting your savings, women & investing, market volatility and money tips. Find out more under the “Tips & Tools for Members Like You” tab on the MyUCRetirement page.

COVID Resources

  • STAND together During COVID-19 COVID-19 has dramatically changed our world and how we live. This website is designed to help you cope and offer the support you may need. In partnership with BeyGOOD and the Start Small fund, this website offers the COVID-19 Care Package that includes resources and tools designed to lift moods and ease anxiety and depression.
  • UCLA Return to Campus This page outlines UCLA’s plans for a return to learning, teaching and working on campus in 2021, from classes and orientation activities to housing, dining and working on and off campus. Faculty and staff are encouraged to visit our Campus Ramp-Up Planning Guide and FlexWork Guide for Managers (PDF).
  • COVID-19 and vaccine resources

Mental Health & Wellness Resources

  • Staff & Faculty Counseling Center UCLA’s employee assistance program provides consultation, training, crisis intervention, counseling, and referral services to UCLA departments, staff and faculty.
  • Campus Assault Resources & Education (CARE) Provides a safe place for survivors of sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking to get support, consultation, and to have a confidential place to talk. They also provide trauma-informed yoga to survivors and awareness and prevention education to the campus community.
  • Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) A multidisciplinary student mental health center for the UCLA campus.
  • Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) Their mission is to foster mindful awareness across the lifespan through education and research to promote well-being and a more compassionate society. They also provide free guided meditations.
  • UCLA Recreation
    • Bruin Health Improvement Program (BHIP) These programs are designed to increase the fitness and thereby the health of the UCLA employee. Programs include:
      UCLA Recreation logo
      • BHIP .5: A 10 week long physical and mindfulness weight loss program designed to increase the fitness and thereby the health of the UCLA Employee. BHIP .5 is a customized program for those who are 40 or more pounds overweight and/or severely sedentary. It is funded by UCLA and is a tremendous investment in UCLA’s most precious resource: the staff and faculty.
      • BHIP OnRamp: A 10 week long program—exclusively for UCLA faculty and staff at no cost (for first time participants)—offering participants intensive lifestyle training in areas of exercise, nutrition, stress management and mental conditioning.
      • BHIP Ongoing: As a BHIP graduate, you have the opportunity to continue what you've learned in BHIP Onramp with BHIP Ongoing. You are eligible to enroll or re-enroll in BHIP Ongoing at any time. ($30 per quarter)
    • Fitwell activates wellness on campus by educating, motivating and empowering faculty, staff and students to make healthy lifestyle choices specifically in the areas of fitness and exercise, nutrition and weight management, stress management, and general health education.
    • Bruin Mindfit Bruin MindFit is a 4- week hands-on mindful movement and meditation course that teaches several effective stress management tools and is offered to faculty and staff at no cost.
    • MoveMail If you need a reminder to move throughout the day, subscribe to MoveMail and get moving! Receive daily emails sent at 10am and 2pm providing instructional videos and movement breaks you can do anywhere, walking routes on and near campus, updates on programs that are happening now at a location near you, as well as other health and nutrition tips.
    • Bruin P.A.W.S. (Productive Active Working System) our guide to working safely and actively from home for even greater productivity. A positive, clear, creative mind and a pain free body can increase productivity and health. The Bruin P.A.W.S. system encourages 25 minutes of fully focused work followed by 5 minutes of movement when possible. The main goal is to increase standing, activity, and exercise throughout the day to de-stress, free the mind, and release the body which will ultimately lead to greater focus, productivity and less pain. Commit to the 8 Active Working Tips and use the Exercise, Nutrition, and Stress Relieving Strategies to CHANGE the WAY YOU WORK for greater health and productivity!
  • UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative is a campus-wide effort to draw upon UCLA’s world renowned research and teaching, to find new and innovative ways to promote living well on campus, and to share that education and research with other communities, both locally and beyond. Semel HCI promotes the “healthy choice as the easy choice” through its seven major thematic areas, called pods: BEWell, BreatheWell, EatWell, EngageWell, MindWell, MoveWell and ResearchWell.
    • MindWell This pod aims to promote wellbeing, resilience, social connectedness, and creative achievement throughout the UCLA community.
  • UC Systemwide Wellbeing Initiative The Systemwide Well Being Initiative unites faculty and staff across UC in its mission to improve our collective emotional, financial, nutritional and physical wellbeing. By sponsoring programs, resources, and events, the program aims to provide easily accessible tools and knowledge for all employees to lead a healthy and thriving life.

Professional Development & Staff Groups

UCLA Staff Assembly members
  • UCLA Staff Assembly UCLA Staff Assembly is a campus-wide advisory group for staff dedicated to promoting the interest and welfare of all staff employees, and enhancing communications. Staff Assembly provides a forum where staff employees at all levels can participate in university activities and provide input to the campus administration on issues of mutual concern.
  • UCLA BruinTech A diverse association of Bruin technologists sharing a common mission for advancing technical knowledge and experience, encouraging innovation, and promoting participation among all members.
  • UCLA AMG (Administrative Management Group) A campus advisory group whose mission is to:
    • Provide opportunities for professional growth and development
    • Create a forum for effective communication between academic, administrative and service managers and professionals
    • Become a sounding board for implementing new processes
    • Provide the university with a pool of talented professionals at UCLA
    • Establish a vehicle for discussion of common concerns, challenges, and solutions and to share knowledge and expertise.
  • UCLA Latino Staff & Faculty Association Staff and Faculty based advisory group dedicated to empowering and advocating for Latino/a staff and faculty through networking and education.
  • Black Staff & Faculty Association at UCLA The mission of the Black Staff and Faculty Association (BSFA) is centered on serving its members and other constituents through networking, educational, cultural, and professional development activities to enhance community building as well as to support retention and advancement of Black staff and faculty (and other underrepresented populations).
  • UCLA Asian Pacific Islander Faculty Staff Association (APIFSA) APIFSA was formed toward the end of 2020 for the purpose of engaging and informing faculty & staff on the various cultures represented in the Asian Pacific Islander community. As a staff affinity group, it is focused on building community and sharing cultural knowledge and insights with the entire Bruin family and beyond.
  • UCLA Extension Advance your career at UCLA and continue your education through a course of study at UCLA Extension. Add to your knowledge and skills—and take advantage of the discount: UCLA and ASUCLA career employees who are employed at least 50 percent time, and retired staff members, are entitled to a 25% discount on UCLA Extension instructor-led classes.
    • UCLAxOpen In an ongoing effort to eliminate barriers to education and strengthen our global community’s connection to UCLA, UNEX introduced UCLAxOpen, open access education for all. UCLAxOpen is your gateway to no-cost personal enrichment and professional development courses and seminars offered via UCLA Extension. These online courses and seminars are designed to provide timely and relevant lifelong learning opportunities, bringing UCLAx to the world.
    LGBTQ Resource Center
  • LGBTQ Campus Resource Center The UCLA LGBTQ Campus Resource Center has proudly been serving the UCLA community for 25 years. The Center provides a comprehensive range of education and advocacy services supporting intersectional identity development as well as fostering unity, wellness, and an open, safe, and inclusive environment for UCLA’s LGBTQ community. The LGBTQ CRC affirms folks of all sexual and gender identities and serves the entire UCLA community – undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni. All are welcome to stop by the Center, attend and utilize the Center’s programs and services, or participate in an allyship training.
  • UC Advocacy Network UCAN is a community of committed people who lend their voices to shape state and federal policies promoting the university’s mission.
  • Staff Enrichment Program (SEP) Since 1979, the Staff Enrichment Program (SEP) has been committed to helping UCLA staff achieve their career goals. By fostering a sense of belonging, developing employees’ vocational and professional skills, and exploring career possibilities, SEP aims to retain high-potential employees and prepare them for leadership roles at UCLA. SEP, and other staff development programs, strive to provide the campus with a diverse pool of skilled applicants to meet the operational needs and manage the challenges afforded by UCLA's dynamic environment.
  • Professional Development Program (PDP) PDP was launched in 1994 to provide the University with highly trained and qualified staff prepared to move into leadership positions. This one-year leadership development program provides participants in PSS 2-6 classifications with opportunities to enhance professional and management skills, build professional networks, and learn about the structure and culture of the university. By grooming future leaders, we assist UCLA with its succession management needs and safeguard its continued success.
  • Supervisory Certificate Series (Levels 1 & 2) Campus Human Resources’ Learning and Development team offers a Level One Supervisory Certificate that is recommended for employees who are relatively new to supervision, as well as for current supervisors who want to update their skills and knowledge. The Certificate is designed to increase understanding of supervisory role requirements, broaden awareness of behavioral strengths, and enhance mastery of employment policies and practices necessary to succeed in the supervisory role. Level Two builds on knowledge acquired and skills developed in the Level One Supervisory Certificate and focuses on more advanced aspects of supervisor leadership and complex human resource compliance issues.
  • UCLA Management Development Programs Managers and future managers can improve their effectiveness in their current roles and prepare professionally for career growth. Programs include a certificate series in fundamentals of supervision, assessment centers of management competencies, UCLA management seminars offered in partnership with the Anderson School, the Management Enrichment Program, and other management training workshops.


General Resources

  • Childcare Resources & UCLA’s Early Care & Education
  • Fidelity: Contact a Fidelity Financial Advisor if you are interested in learning more about the UC voluntary retirement savings program. Fidelity Retirement Services is UC's 403(b) and 457(b) Plans Administrator.
  • UCLA Volunteer Center The UCLA Volunteer Center coordinates service activities on campus and throughout Greater Los Angeles to inspire members of the extended UCLA family to give of their time and talent. As part of the Student Affairs division, the Center strives to make a positive impact upon UCLA and the Greater Los Angeles community and their mission is to create social change through lifelong participation in volunteer programs and civic engagement. Through the Volunteer Center, staff can participate in ongoing and annual service opportunities, suggest volunteer site locations, and lead service projects.
  • UCLA Manager’s Toolkits 1 & 2 The Manager’s Tool Kits are presentation-style resources that have subjects ranging from stress and emotional issues in the workplace, to creating a healthy and inclusive work environment for your team.
  • UCLA Supervisor’s Toolkit The Supervisor's Toolkit is designed to offer you a dashboard of subject tools and information that a typical supervisor needs to quickly and successfully deal with to meet day-to-day responsibilities. The subjects range from appropriate processes and procedures to determining the course of action in a given situation.
  • Resources for Veterans at UCLA and at UC These are great resources that outline everything UCLA and the UC offer to benefit and thank those who served our country.
  • CHR Benefits-Other Provisions & Privileges This is a general list of resources available to all UCLA employees. Topics range from investment opportunities, paid time off, special discounts, and an array of other services.

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