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Planning for Academic Continuity

Pedagogical concerns

Active Learning & Remote Instruction

Facilitating Small Group Work (HumTech) 

Strategies for an Interactive Classroom in Zoom and CCLE: Engaging Students Remotely in Collaboration, Practice and Feedback  

How to caption videos and add interactivity to videos using CCLE tools 

Useful Items for Your syllabus

An Etiquette Guide for Remote Classroom

Quick Guide to Online Etiquette (CEILS)

Notice Requirement Prior to Recording

Interacting with Students

Being “Present” in Your Online Course (UC Davis)

Keep Teaching (Indiana University)

Inclusion, Equity & Access

How to Record Your Lecture in Zoom & Post it into CCLE (UCLA Disabilities & Computing Program)  

Center for Accessible Education Faculty Portal

Higher Education Access in the Time of Coronavirus (Association of Higher Education & Disability) 

How to Help Struggling Students Succeed Online (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Inclusion, Equity & Access while Teaching Remotely (Rice University)

Instructional LABS

Resources for Migration to Remote or Virtual STEM Labs 

Teaching Labs Remotely (CEILS)

Student Research

UCLA Library Online

Research Help

Remote Research and Mentorship - North Campus Faculty Resources

Remote Assessment options

UCLA Remote Assessment Options


Ideas from Elsewhere

Helpful Tips