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Equity Council Speaker Series: Pivotal Moments, Origin Stories, and Case Studies: Racial Microaggressions and Racial Microaffirmations

  • Tue, May 24, 2022
  • 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Dr. Daniel G. Solorzano
Dr. Daniel G. Solorzano

Presented by Dr. Daniel G. Solorzano
Professor of Social Science and Comparative Education
School of Education and Information Studies
University of California, Los Angeles

Professor Daniel G. Solorzano will speak about the pivotal moments, origin stories, and case studies of two areas of his research and practice—Racial Microaggressions and Racial Microaffirmations. In the first case, Solorzano will tell the pivotal moments and origin story of his research on racial microaggressions used to examine everyday racism inside and outside educational institutions. The second case will focus on racial microaffirmations as one response to racial microaggressions. He will involve colleagues in an interactive dialogue about improving the learning environment to maximize engagement, learning, and discovery for our increasingly diverse community.

The objectives of this presentation are to:

  1. Help participants gain a better understanding of racial microaggressions and racial microaffirmations.
  2. Increase participants’ effectiveness at recognizing and utilizing the concepts of racial microaggressions and racial microaffirmations in and out of academic and social spaces.

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