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Outreach and Recruitment Best Practices

Having a diverse staff enables an organization to understand people from diverse perspectives and creates an atmosphere that supports a variety of ideas, knowledge, processes, and approaches to decision making. If an organization values differences and shows appreciation of diverse skills and backgrounds it will attract talented employees with greater commitment.

Obtaining a diverse staff begins with a strong outreach and recruitment process. Campus Human Resources Manager of Talent Acquisition & Workforce Planning, Michael Yates, created a presentation that offers valuable recommendations for incorporating EDI practices into the recruitment process. It also addresses the importance of creating inclusive job descriptions and diversifying both hiring sources and hiring teams. To view this presentation, sign into your UCLA BOX account. For more information on the subject, review the UC and external resources listed at the end of this presentation.

For a wealth of other hiring resources, visit UCLA Campus Human Resources Talent Acquisition site on Recruitment and Hiring. Also, the University of California’s Systemwide Talent Management has made select eCourses available to the general public. To read about courses offered and content summaries, visit the Systemwide Talent Management eCourses webpage on the UCnet site.